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Once on the Night of a Rare Blue Moon

shadows are never just black

Ollywollypollygolly ump bump fizz
12 January 1989
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Hey there! I'm emeralddarkness, also known to select and very special individuals as bluemoon. I suppose that having read this, you are now one of them. You can call me emmie or blue if you like - neither of these, you will doubtless not be that surprised to know, is my actual given name and neither has anything to actually DO with my given name. That is a thing that no one must ever know.

I'm twenty years old, for another year at least, and am currently attending college in the hopes of getting a little certificate that proves that I can draw, after which I'll try to use it to get a job. Somewhere. I'm not sure where. I'm probably going to have my emphasis in illustration or in animation, though I'm not positive which I'll actually do yet.

I love to write as well, and may or may not end up minoring in English; because of this a great deal of my journal will probably have something to do with writing, that which isn't me complaining about life in general.
abusing my characters, aladdin, amelia atwater-rhodes, amur leopards, ancient egypt, ancient history, animals, anime, animorphs, art, artemis fowl, astronomy, autumn, being arachnophobic, being irresponsible, beta-reading, big cats, biology, books, challenges, chimeras, computer games, computers, crytozoology, cs3, details forever and ever, disney movies, doing unproductive things, dolphins, double entendres, dragons, drawing, drawing tablets, earth, elephants, english, exploring, fairytales, fanciful imaginings, fanfics, fanfiction, fantasy books, far too many icons, finding things out, flying kites, foxes, freedom, friends, frogs, fun times, genetic patterns, geodes, good movies, graphic design, horseback riding, horses, illustration, indoors, inside jokes, interesting posters, inuyasha, jaguars, jane austen, japanese, japanese fan art, learning to paint, lord of the rings, magnificent garden parties, making up chimeras, mermaids, more books, more details, mr darcy, music, musicals, mythology, oboe, ocelots, odd metaphors, opals, original fiction, outdoors, photoshop, pixar, planet earth, poetry, poisoning pigeons in parks, pouncing on unsuspecting people, pretending to be productive, pretty earrings, pretty words, pride and prejudice, pumas, putting things off, rainbow zebras, rainbows, reading, realism, robin mckinley, roleplaying, round robins, sappy love stories, science, singing, snakes, snow leopards, soccer, spring, stars, striped things, stylizing, surfing the web, synonyms for 'said', talking too much, technicalities, the lion king, the moon, the natural world, the pancakes ohno, things that are dangerous, tigers, true love, trying to learn css, trying to learn html, utterly useless trivia, wacom, weird storylines, weta workshop, wicked, wind, wonderful coloring, writing, yugioh, yugioh 5ds, zebras